Hive testnet faucet & informations


this form allows you to claim testnet tokens. Keep in mind that those tokens are worthless! They are only here for testing purposes

Input your username and you will get 10.000 TESTS and TBD (equivalent of HIVE and HBD on the testnet)

In the faucet there is currently:
9400.025 TESTS and 19310.076 TBD

Frequently asked questions

Can use my regular keys on the testnet ?

Yes ! Thanks to tinman, all the keys have been ported, you can use your account on the testnet just like you would on the main net

Can I use keychain / hivesigner to secure my keys

Both will be supported eventually, as of today (27/05/2021) keychain does not support it on it's main release but you can install a special version here

What's the chain id ?

the chain id is 18dcf0a285365fc58b71f18b3d3fec954aa0c141c44e4e5cb4cf777b9eab274e

What's the testnet api url ?

the api url is

How can I help if I'm not a dev ?

Just go on the various testnet websites and do what you would usually do, transfer tokens, make posts etc etc and write a post tagging @blocktrades / @howo / @gtg / or any witness really letting us know if something is wrong :)

Various testnet resources